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  • Check eligibility: Interested companies are checked for potential to improve their production in the areas of material, water and energy usage, productivity, resource efficiency and chemical management. The commitment of the management is verified and, as well as the required qualification of technical staff and the willingness to pay the consultant fee and to implement identified saving solutions.

  • Assign Consultant: Only Consultants, who are qualified, experienced, trained and approved, are appointed to companies to execute projects based on the mentioned products. Click here to see the List of Approved Consultants.

  • Assessment: Based on the interest of the client and the results of the eligibility check an assessment is conducted in which the consultant visits the factory to identified potential for improvements in the respective field. The Consultant presents a report with recommend solutions to the management of the company and guides and monitors the implementation of the identified solutions.

  • Follow-Up: Consultants supervise implementation of solutions and monitor realized savings for 4 months after conducting Energy Audit and Implementation of Energy Management System.

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