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  • High quality guaranteed: bfz gGmbH selected, trained and monitored consultants!

  • Produce more by using less: Reduce your production costs by minimizing input of raw materials and reducing wastages in materials, water, time, space etc.

  • Money back guarantee: During the project period, bfz would reimburse companies money if they hadn´t saved fee paid to the consultant within 6 months!

  • Follow-up: During project ESPIRE, the consultants would not leave after submitting a report. They monitored implementation of solutions and realized energy savings for further 6 months!

  • Improve management and processes: Improve your production processes and get your staff trained to lift your efficiency on the next level.

  • Competitive advantage: Prepare for compliance with international environmental and social standards and thus get access to new markets.

Successes Stories

To replicate the knowhow that was developed during the project, 5 success stories in ESPIREGreen were documented during the project period 2008-2016. Click here to download consolidated Success Stories.
All success stories can also be downloaded by clicking the links below:


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