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ESPIRE Energy – Methodology.

ESPIRE Consult follows ISO50001 and ISO50002 as guideline standards for the Energy Efficiency and Energy Management services. We use following methodology as a general approach.

  • Establish Contact: Interested companies are visited to pre-assess energy saving potential, management commitment, qualification of technical staff for implementation of identified solution and eagerness to implement identified energy saving solutions.

  • Assign Team: Our team is qualified, experienced and well trained. Our lead energy auditor is Certified Energy Auditor, Energy Manager and Trainer. Click here to see the profile of Lead Consultant.

  • Energy Audit & Training: Comprehensive energy audit is conducted covering all energy types and their complete flows. The report of audit presents calculation of energy saving potential, suggested measures and their feasibility analysis. Staff of the company receives training for implementation of identified solutions.

  • Energy Management & Information System: Consultant supports the company in preparation of an energy management system: Formulation of an energy policy, Energy Performance Indicators, Formation of Energy Team, Setting of energy saving targets etc. and sets up an energy monitoring system.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of energy programme is carried out after energy audit. The monitoring ensures that the vendors provide services and/or equipment as per required specification while the evaluation determines if the services and/or equipment provided by selected vendors performed according to their required and guaranteed performance or not. Estimated duration of this monitoring and evaluation phase is 3~4 months depending upon the speed of implementation by the client.



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