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Save Energy, Reduce Costs.

Industry in Pakistan is experiencing adverse effect of energy shortage. This calls for change in attitude towards energy consumption. From the supply side, there is little industry can do, except strategically move towards the right energy mix of gas, grid and renewable sources. More critical is how efficiently these sources of energy are being utilized. Prior to ascertaining the optimal efficiency of energy consumption, a thorough analysis of energy balance of an enterprise is required. Based on the analysis of current energy use the saving potential can be detected and most beneficial solutions identified. To achieve permanent cost savings managers and workers must be trained and a system implemented to maintain the efficiency of equipment and to continuously improve the energy efficiency of the production processes.

By partnering with ESPIREenergy, industries are leveraging their own efforts to save energy and thus reduce costs, by adopting the portfolio of our services:

  • Energy Audits (EA) as per ISO50002.

  • Energy Management System (ISO50001) Implementation.

  • Profitable Energy Management System (ProEnMaS) Toolkit.

  • Automated Energy Monitoring.

  • Energy Efficiency and Management Self-Assessment Toolkit.


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